Professional lines of collection Vesex:

A synergy blend of essential oils is often more effective for helping to promote symptomatic relief and healing than any single essential oil. Every oil blend line has different color labels.

Vesex for weight loss:

Mainstream of aromatherapy Vesex – The effective technique Weight Loss. It is especially effective for weight loss because the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalmus gland, which is directly linked to the olfactory bulb of your nose, regulates satiety. Procedures with essential oils for weight loss recommended in blends for regulating and treating eating disorders and for overweight or obesity issues.
Blends for weight loss:

  • Lorine - Massage oil for weight loss;
  • Diyetrin - Oil for appetite decrease ;
  • Stoklore - Bath for weight loss;

Vesex for fight cellulite:

The problem of cellulite, and the difficulty with removing it, has its roots in hormones, although it is not a hormonal problem. We have blended a selection of essential oils onto a base of hypo-allergenic hydrogenated polydecene, to help fight cellulite. The oils used are employed for their specific therapeutic properties, and which has been shown through use to be effective in helping to sort out this problem.
Anti-cellulite blends:

  • Stelere - Anti-cellulite Massage oil ;
  • Cel-u-los - Anti-cellulite Oil for a bath ;
  • Modellin - Anti-cellulite Massage oil for compresses ;

Vesex cosmetic oils:

Vesex recently launched their first full product line of anti-aging facial care products, Positively Ageless. This Vesex line includes natural ingredients known to fight aging. Combining a seductive blend of precious oils known for their hydrating and stimulating qualities, this deeply moisturising oil brings life and vitality to skin.
- A complete skin rejuvenation solution that provides better and faster results ;
- Breast enhancement and breast enlarging ;
- A stretch marks beauty treatment ;

Cosmetic oils blends:

  • Dermo Bust - Breast enhancement and breast enlarging essence;
  • Api-Bust - Breast enhancement and breast enlarging Oil;
  • Stringlo - Effective oil for stretch marks ;
  • Tonus - General lift for anti-aging peel;

Vesex for hair:

Oils can be used as an alternative to chemicalcommercial products to nourish and condition hair. Due to the effects of chemicals used in hair care products and hair dyes, more and more people suffer from a sensitive scalp.
Oils can help calm the skin down and make hair look healthy again. Essential oils feed the hair, protect it and can help treat the scalp if there are skin problems. .
Oil blends for hair:

  • Lossery - Best essential oil for hair loss ;
  • Magic Forse - Remedy for dandruff ;
  • Silk Locks - Ñonditioner for a hair reconstruction;

Vesex for woman:

Exclusive line for women's health and sexual wellbeing. Support for hormonal system — naturally. Female sexual challenges and Issues that can prevent a woman from enjoying sex include lack of sexual desire, inability to become aroused, lack of orgasm and painful intercourse. Sexual Satisfaction May Lead to Greater Well-Being in Women. Vesex is a specialist in women's health and has helped many a women improve their sex lives through natural products.
Oil blends for women:

  • Afrodita - Sexual enhancement oil;
  • Sensuale - Natural cure for frigidity in women;
  • Fantazy - oil for women's health and sexual wellbeing ;

Vesex for men:

Exclusive line for men's health and sexual wellbeing is used to treat impotence in men. After several years of research, we have found a combination of herbs that works extremely well to enhance sexual pleasure, stamina, sensation, and sex drive. Products that have combinations of several herbs and essences are more effective since they take advantage of the benefits from the various essence. Vesex is a unique blend of fine herbs and essential vitamins that help you achieve rock hard erections that last longer, are more frequent, intense, increase your sexual desire
Oil blends for men:

  • Potentore Oil for restoration and increase of a men's potentiality;
  • Bisexy Sexual intercourse prolongation;
  • Sex-Room - Libido enhancement oil ;

Vesex for the future mum:

Unique line of aromatherapy Vesex for pregnant women. Expecting a baby is one of the happiest times in a womans life. However, pregnancy brings both emotional and physical changes including hormonal variations that can affect a woman's hormonal balance and change the texture and sensitivity of her skin. Using natural remedies - like aromatherapy, flower essences, homeopathy or herbs - can ease many of the stresses, discomforts and ailments associated with pregnancy.
Oil Blends for Future mum

  • Elimine - Means from a toxicosis at pregnancy ;
  • Feettone - Oil for Feet ;
  • Skinlife - Oil for Stretch marks ;
  • Pain Stop - Oil by relieving the pain;
  • Lady Comfort - Oil for a vagina
  • Pressure -Oil reducing pressure