About us

Vesex was founded in 1994, and specializes in the manufacture of unique natural and organic products of aromatherapy. For over 15 years we have been Aromatherapy innovators, pioneering landmark developments in the art, science, and practice of Aromatherapy. Vesex is a strong industrial corporation consisting of research, development and manufacturing. Vesex is known for its high-quality, respect-work and trustworthiness.

The Vesex laboratory is world renowned for exceptionally high-quality essential oils and natural mixes for an aromatherapy. Our Laboratory provides Medical Grade Essential Oils and promotes a scientific approach of aromatherapy. Products Vesex are intended for medical use, aromatherapy and health care.

We carry our own select line of aromatherapy essential oils. Our products are selected by aromatherapists from sources around the world to find you some of the finest oil available. Raw Materials Suppliers:

We are not simply trying to find the least expensive aromatherapy oils, or the most rare connoisseur varieties, but the best value available in world-class grade select, wildcrafted and organic therapeutic grade oils. Many organic and wildcrafted varieties are included in the collection Vesex. Some oils have not yet been available this way that meet all our selection criteria, though we continually seek out the highest grades and most ecologically sound production methods. We invite you to sample the high quality varieties we do carry, however!